Tapestry Online Learning Journal - Our Learning and Monitoring Platform

Tapestry is the learning platform we use as a means of working in partnership with our parents. Practitioners upload photographs and comments, which are sent directly to the parents, to show the learning experiences the children have had throughout their sessions at nursery. Parents are able to upload their own observations to capture which allows their child's key person to plan around the child's interests, needs and abilities.


We utilise the following aspects of Tapestry:

- Send daily/weekly photographs of the children taking part in activities and learning experiences.

- Planned observations which staff use to monitor the development of their key children in correspondence to the EYFS.

- Chat to parents about information regarding the children.

- Send memo's to parents with important notices and monthly newsletters.

- Parent observations - We love to see what the children get up to with parents/carers at the weekeneds so we encourage parents to upload their own observations to share with their friends.

- Progress Checks


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