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Babies and Bubbles!

Babies and Bubbles - 08.08.22


The intent of this activity was to:


  • Enhance babies visual tracking skills. 
  • Develop and support fine motor skills: movement and muscle development.
  • Develop their hand eye co-ordination.
  • Develop spatial awareness.
  • Encourage social interaction between peers and practitioners.
  • To encourage speech and language development using sensory exploration.


Providing babies with early sensory exploration helps to develop many transferable skills to apply to other aspects of the prime areas of learning. These include: personal, social and emotional development, communication and language and physical development.


Let's Play and Learn with Playdough!

PLAYDOUGH 01-08-2022
This morning our babies have been enjoying playing with the playdough. Using playdough, as a creative activity, has many benefits including:
• development of fine motor skills.
• encouragement of creativity and creative thinking.
• development of hand eye co-ordination.
• improves and strengthens social skills.
• promotes playtime.

Shaving Foam Fun!


This week, we have been providing the children with the experiences of sensory exploration using the shaving foam. This enables the children to make marks and enjoy the sensory feelings of playing and exporing with the shaving foam. The children are also able to develop their fine motor skills for their physical development. Very messy, but very fun!!

Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee!


This week the babies have done some craft activities to help to celebrate the queen's jubilee. They have created their own hats with help and support from the baby room practitioners. The children have developed their expressive arts and design skills by using paints of their choices to finger paint their own crowns. Don't they all look so cute!

Fire Engine Fun!

This week the babies had a trip outside to have a look and sit in the big fire engine! The babies loved sitting in the engine and meeting the brave fire fighters. At Learning Land we value the importance of cultural awareness and cultural capital to provide children with experiences they might not have, even at the youngest of ages!

Red Nose Day!

Our babies have been busy doing lots of activities to celebrate red nose day this week. They have taken part in activities such as baking and painting headbands. By particicpating in craft activities children become expressive and confident in their abilities to make marks and connections using different materials.

World Book Day!

Our babies have been dressing up as their favourite book characters at nursery to celebrate world book day 2022! Even at the youngest of ages, children should be encouraged to have a love for early reading. The practitioners have spent time with the babies reading their favourite books that they brought into nursery. It is very beneficial for children to be read to, even as babies!


Don't they all look amazing!!

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