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Take a look at how much fun our pre-school children are having in their sessions at Learning Land...





Our Leaving Party Day

On Wednesday 19th July, the Pre-School children had their own party full of lots of fun! The children played party games, came in non-uniform and had a special party food snack in the afternoon.

Graduation 2023!

On Tuesday 18th July we held a Graduation ceremony for all of our Pre-School children that were leaving us to love onto their next chapter of their education at 'big school'.


This graduation ceremony was a celebration which gathered all children, staff and parents to reminice over their time which they have spent with us at Learning Land. This ceremony included singing songs, looking at memories and speeches from each child's key person. Many parents commented on how lovely the ceremony was.


This is always an emotional time of year for us as we wave goodbye to the children who we have cared for, for many years.


We would like to wish all of our pre-school children the best of luck in their new adventures.

Our Visit to Tesco Supermarket

To relate to our topic of "People Who Help Us", the children were invited to a fun day at Tesco. We had a very full filled exciting day. On Wednesday 3rd May 2023, the children walked over to Tesco, which is in close proximity to the nursery. The Tesco staff had a fun day planned for us.


The children began by having a look around the stock room and creating their own crown's for the Coronation of the King. The Tesco staff provided the children with different craft materials to make their crowns beautiful. Two of our children were also asked to make crowns for the Mayor and Mayoress of Workington.


After this, the children had an exciting task in small groups to navigate around the store to find specific items for a meal they had chosen including: breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. The children were given the opportunity to scan their own items and carry them around the store in their own baskets. Next, the children were able to scan their own items individually on the cash tills.


The children were then taken to the delivery vans to have a lookat how they store the items and deliver them to peoples homes.


The staff had so many comments made by the public to say how well behaved our children were on their visit. We were so proud of our children.


We would like to say a huge thank you to the Tesco staff that were so welcoming, prepared and filled with excitement towards our children.


The Pre-School children have been learning all about 'People Who Help Us' this term. In June 2023 we decided to take part in the PAW PATROL ON A STROLL sponsored walk in partnership with Dog's Trust to raise money for some puppies in need.


This experience was directly linked to our topic of 'People Who Help Us'. After lots of visits from people who help us in our community, we thought it would be a lovely idea for the children to help some puppies. The children carried out their exciting walk in our local community to Curwen Castle. When we arrived here, we discussed some history of the castle and some children discussed how they had been to the castle before with their parents. When we returned to nursery, we had a look at some pictures of the castle at group time. This was an important and valuable experience for our children to learn more about the world around us.


This was a very enjoyable experience for our children. We would like to thank all parents/carers for sponsoring their child and raising money for a fantastic cause. We managed to raise a total of an amazing £600.00!!! Most importantly, we would like to say a big well done to our children, they were very well behaved on our outing and showed lots of determination and motivation to complete the walk.

People Who Help Us Fancy Dress Day

In May, the children have been learning all about the people that help us in our community. After we had our visits we invited the children to come to pre-school in fancy dress as a key worker who helps us. All of our children and their parents went above and beyond to join in with this activity.

Rest in Peace your Majesty


On Friday 16th September 2022, the children in Pre-School have taken a trip to Vulcan’s park to lay some flowers in memory of Queen Elizabeth II. 
It is important to teach children about the world around them and their communities. The children have been learning about her majesty’s service and her inspiration on us all. She was kind and her dedication of serving her country inspires young children to grow to be strong, kind and caring citizens.
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Happy Graduation!

Today, Tuesday 19th July 2022, some of the children graduated from our Pre-School to start their new little journeys at big school in September. We are so proud of their behaviour, attitudes and amazing little singing voices at their ceremony today. We have loved being part of your learning journeys and we hope you have as much fun in your new schools as you have with us. Keep shining and do your best, we are so very proud of you all.


Feeding the Ducks!

This week the pre-school children took a walk down to the river to feed the ducks.

A Trip to the ABC Park!

This week the children in pre-school were making the most of the sunshine at the ABC park, which is located in close proximity to the nursery. The children had so much fun with their friends playing football, running in the grass, going on the park, eating ice lollies and even meeting a horse on the way!


It is important to us that children are provided with fun and meaningful experiences. The children have been able to support they physical development and understanding of the world by visiting a local park and having so much fun.



Visiting the Library

The pre-school children have had lots of fun visting the local library in Workington. They have been given the opportunity to access a wide variety of books and shared them with their peers to read to each other. In pre-school we value the importance of early reading so we strive to build a positive love and interest for reading books. The children also have had the opportunity to play on the interactive games in the library too to support their understanding of the world and technology.

Lunch Time is a Learning Experience!

The Pre-School children are encouraged and supported to be independent learners at meal times. The children enjoy having the responsibility to perform daily tasks such as pouring their own drinks, choosing side dishes and helping themselves, choosing their own cuttelry, washing their hands and face after they have eaten and brushing their teeth. The VIP of the day helps the health co-ordinator with small tasks such as handing their peers drinking cups. We understand that encouraging children to be independent is an important aspect of our progression curriculum, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to access the next stage of their learning journeys at school. The children are provided with nutritious meal choices which are healthy, to promote children to lead healthy and happy lives.

Meeting the Fire Fighters!

This week the pre-school children have been learning all about people who help us. The children had so much fun meeting the fire fighters, sitting in the fire engine and having a go with the hose!


At Learning Land Nursery we value the importance of children understanding the world and community in which they live in (one of the specific areas of the EYFS). The children have learnt so much about what its like to be a fire fighter in which they can use to build knowledge about their community and people who help us keep safe in our lives.


Thank you to the fire fighters who came into nursery. They provided the children with some amazing experiences.


Meeting the Police Officers!

This week the pre-school children have been learning all about people who help us because one of their parents is a police officer. The children had so much fun meeting the police dog, sitting in the police car and trying on some of the police uniform.


At Learning Land Nursery we value the importance of children understanding the world and the community in which they live in (one of the specific areas of the EYFS). The children have learnt so much about what it is like to be a police officer in which they can use to build knowledge about their community and people who help us keep safe in our lives.


Thank you to the police officers who came into nursery. They were amazing with the children!


Yoga with Miss Jingles!

As part of our curriculum, we have introduced a weekly yoga session to help the pre-school children with their personal, social and emotional development. There has been a vast majority of research which suggests that taking part in frequent yoga sessions helps to become mindful, relaxed, regulate emotions better and helps with flexibility. We have found that the children have benefited well from this learning experience and we have noticed positive changes in their behaviours and attitudes to learning. The children are able to use techniques that they have learnt in yoga to adapt them to situations where they may become frustrated or upset. This is also beneficial to help take a moment for themselves, especially after the impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.


The yoga teacher Miss Jingles says that the children impress her week by week and she can't believe how well the children are able to undertake the yoga poses. We are so proud of them all.


Easter Fun!

This week the pre-school children have been having so much fun celebrating Easter. The children have taken part in an Easter bonnet competition, as well as an easter egg hunt. Well done everyone, we are so proud of your learning and achievements.


Our Kindness Stones

In Workington many children and adults are taking an approach to spread love and kindness in the community by painting kindess stones and hiding them around the town for others to find. We asked our pre-school children to pick some stones to bring into pre-school. We helped the children to design their own creative, unique kindness stones. When the children created their own masterpeices, the pre-school children and the practitioners took a walk around Workington town centre, hiding their stones in places of their choice. The aim is that other children, or adults, can find their stones and feel a sense of warmth and kindness when they discover them.


As well as supporting the children's creative and physical development, this learning opportunity enhances their personal, social and emotional development and their understanding of the world. It has taught the children to be kind always and care for people in their communities. We believe that this activity will help children to become kind members of our community.

Lest We Forget

In the month of November, the children have been learning all about the brave soldiers that helped protect us many years ago in the war. The children have been making craft poppy's with paint and other materials of their choice. The children walked to the nearby park, Vulcan's, to have a look at the new monument. It is important that children are aware of their communities and it was lovely to see all the pre-school children interested in looking at the monument. When the children arrived back to pre-school, the children had a minute silence to pay their respects to the brave soldiers that helped people keep safe.


Our Christmas Party!

The pre-school children have had so much fun celebrating Christmas.


A very well deserved christmas party took place at Monkey Madhouse, where the children had so much fun playing with their friends. Merry Christmas everyone! Have a well deserved break and we look forward to welcoming you back in the new year for another term of exciting experiences!

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