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Our Intent

At Learning Land Nursery, we strive to provide an ambitious, memorable, and meaningful curriculum which is flexible to follow our children’s interests and abilities to achieve the best start in our children’s lives. Our curriculum intent is focussed around developing existing skills and building on what our children already know and what they can do. The progression of our curriculum is underpinned by the each of our children’s interests, ambitions, and their skills to promote a sense of self-confidence to become lifelong learners and have the best start in life.


At Learning Land Nursery, we recognise that each child is an individual who are valued for this. The curriculum we provide is continuously adapted to follow and meet the needs of each individual child’s abilities and interests. To ensure that each child is equipped for their next stage in their development, we follow a long-term intent plan in each room (Baby Room, Toddler Room, and Pre-School) which is underpinned by our ambitious and creative curriculum in correspondence to each individual child’s age and stage of development.


Learning Land Nursery is situated in the heart of Workington town centre. We are keen to provide a curriculum which celebrates and values our community to provide our children to grow to achieve the skills and knowledge they need to become valuable members of the community. We strive to ensure that our children leave Learning Land with the independence and self-confidence they need to fulfil this.

Our Implementation

We implement our ambitious and creative curriculum by closely following the Early Years Foundation Stage with support from the Development Matters. According to the ages and stages of our children we implement our curriculum by following the seven areas of learning: Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.


Furthermore, to plan and guide what children learn, we reflect on the different rates at which our children develop and adjust our practice and curriculum to support the characteristics of effective learning. We use these as a guide to understand that effective learning experiences must be meaningful to a child, so that they are able to build on what they already know, what they have learned and apply it to new situations. By providing effective learning opportunities, we aim to build strong learners who have a positive attitude to learning which will support them to learn well, but also make successful progress in all seven areas of learning.


We also recognise that having a close, reciprocal relationship with parents is a key driver to achieve successful development for our children. We welcome feedback and close communication with parents of our children as an integral part of our ethos to maximise the potential of each child’s learning, development, and their interests.

Our Impact

Learning Land Nursery is driven by dedicated, fully qualified practitioners who have detailed knowledge of their key children. Each child is assigned a key person who closely works with their key group to deliver our curriculum based on their needs, interests, and abilities. We recognise that the child’s parents are their first educators, therefore, we work in close partnership with them as this is an important part of our vision to achieve successful, confident learners.


Successful, individual planning is implemented by following each individual child’s interests and learning abilities to ensure that our curriculum intent is appropriate and achievable.


We value that on-going assessment of children’s development is crucial to ensure each child is progressing and becoming confident learners. Progress is assessed regularly by working closely using the long-term intent plan in each room which is appropriate to the ages and stages of development of our children.


At Learning Land Nursery, we strive to give children the best start in life. To ensure this we believe that through all we do, children will be provided with an opportunity to be:

  • happy children with a sense of belonging
  • motivated learners
  • self-confident
  • resilient
  • independent
  • aware of equality and diversity
  • celebrate culture
  • critical thinkers
  • creative learners
  • aware of our community
  • respectful of themselves and others
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