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It is our policy at Learning Land Nursery to promote healthy eating to the children attending.


We will achieve this by:

·        Providing a freshly cooked, healthy and low in salt balanced nutritious meal at lunch time and tea time.

·        Vegetables are always a part of the balanced meal.

·        Fresh fruit is always available for the children and is incorporated into most of our desserts.

·        Wholemeal toast is offered to the children at morning snack.

·        Children have access to fresh drinking water at all times throughout the day.

·        We try to provide at least 3 out of 5 portions of fruit or vegetables per day.

·        Fresh milk or milk shake is offered as a choice to the children at snack  times.

·        We do not use salt when cooking for the children.

·        We always oven bake rather that fry our food.

·        Health requirements and special dietary needs are always catered for.

·        Children are offered an alternative if they dislike the meal offered.

·        All our meals are homemade and do not contain any processed foods.

·        Diluted fresh fruit juices are offered as a choice at lunch and tea times.

·        We always encourage parents who are breastfeeding to continue if they wish by expressing and freezing breast milk.

·        We have healthy snack lists which are used to ensure the children are offered a wide variety of multi-cultural snacks.


Naturally we need help from the parents and carers to maintain a healthy diet for children.  As a setting we do what we can but without the help of parents and carers we will not be successful.

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